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Mexodus: A New Musical

Mexodus artists Brian Quijada and Nygel D. Robinson

Mexodus is inspired by the estimated 4,000–10,000 enslaved people in the Southern part of the United States who pursued a journey into Mexico instead of looking north. This under-told chapter of the Underground Railroad is an exploration of Black and brown bodies standing together against oppression.

With the support of New York Stage and Film, artists Brian Quijada and Nygel D. Robinson are releasing one track a month for a year. Starting their work at the beginning of the global pandemic, they have been creating and recording the score separately, their musical collaboration facilitated through technology. Having released six tracks over the past six months, they will now come together to record the seventh track live as part of MODfest and share their methods of collaboration and creation during this time.

During this webinar event, both artists will be in conversation with the dramaturg for the project, Tlaloc Rivas, who will speak with the collaborators about their process and upcoming trip to Poughkeepsie. There will be a Q&A portion of this event.